D i s t i n g u i s h e d   M e m b e r s

"If he's a chap of good character and we like him, we'll have him!"

(Former Secretary Bunk Harffey's answer to another member's question on whether to accept or not a prospective new member of the Winkle Club)


Sir Winston Churchill
1955 Sir Winston was turning down almost all of the honours he was invited to receive in all parts of the country, saying: "I am an old man now"; but when the invitation from the Winkle Club arrived, he accepted at once saying: "This is one thing I want to do".

The Duke of Windsor - HRH Prince Edward VIII

The Queen Mother - Honorary member


HRH Quenn Elizabeth II - Honorary member

Field Marshall Lord Montgomery


H.R.H. Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent


Sir Robert Menzies, KT, CH, QC, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (1966)


Sir Norman Wisdom

Dickie Henderson
Harry Oakes
Richard Dimbleby

Lance Percival
Cyril Fletcher
Tommy Trinder

Neil Hamilton

O t h e r   D i s t i n g u i s h e d   M e m b e r s

  • Maruis of Verdun, former President, French Section of the Souvenir Normand
  • Clifford Musgrave, former Curator of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton
  • Sir Charles Wheele, former President of the Royal Academy
  • Frank Cousins, former Transport & General Worker's Union
  • Admiral Sir Alexander Binglry, Commander-in-Chief
  • M. Chauvel, French Ambassador to London
  • Councillor Robinson, President of the Shire
  • M. Edward Holman, Mayor of Falaise
  • Rear Admiral H.E.Dannreuther, DSO
  • The Duke of Bedford
  • Lord Rupert Nevill
  • Raymond Francis
  • Sir Edwin Bate
  • Charlie Stewart
  • Sir Alec Rose
  • R.S.M. Brittain
  • Wayne Morris
  • Freddie Mills
  • Bunny Baron
  • Sandy Powell
  • Reg. Dixon
  • Jack Tripp


"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

Winston Churchill

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