Winkle Club President's 90th Birthday

Officers and Committee members arranged a special luncheon last Wednesday 24th. September to celebrate the 90th Birthday of their President, Sir Kenneth Warren.

Sir 'Ken,' a former member of parliament for Hastings has always maintained strong links with the town and the Winkle Club in particular. Michael Foster, High Sheriff of East Sussex was also present and congratulatory greetings were sent by Amber Rudd M.P. and Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce (Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports). Pictured are Sir Ken Warren surrounded by Winkle Club members toasting their President's great achievement.  Photo by Sid Saunders 

At the start of the Winkle Club’s Annual Putting Competition during Old Town Week, Cllr. James Bacon (new Old Town Councillor) was made a member of our historic Club in the presence of the Mayor, Cllr. Judy Rogers.
The competition itself raised £350 which included a £100 donation from the Adventure Golf Management. We are most grateful to them and all monies raised will go to LOCAL good causes.

Peter Field, The Queen’s Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex was successfully ‘Winkled Up’ at a reception in Battle given by The High Sheriff of East Sussex, Michael Foster DL. Both Peter and Michael are members of our famous Club. Hundreds of dignitaries and friends of Michael Foster were in attendance at the reception in Battle Abbey when Vice Chairman, Richard Stevens, took his opportunity to pounce.
The Lord Lieutenant did not have his winkle with him but was excused a fine as it was deemed that he was ‘in working gear.’
This early exemption rule came into being when most of the Winkle Club’s members were Hastings Fishermen. ‘I am sure another opportunity will present itself before too long,’ said Vice-President Richard Stevens. ’The Lord Lieutenant accepted the challenge with good grace.’
New members of the Winkle Club include:
David Sooner, Charles Ball, Mike Raxworthy and Carl Farrow.
Here are some photos of their recent induction on Winkle Island

 Winkle Up!
Other News
The Hastings Winkle Club held its AGM in early April as usual and were pleased to discover that we have managed to raise more money for LOCAL good causes than has been the case for many a long year. More than forty clubs and other organisations were chosen for donations and we have been able to ring-fence a useful sum for distribution during the forthcoming financial year. All good news. We elected our Officers and Committee members for the ensuing year though they do look remarkably similar to last year’s committee. Like many voluntary organisations we could do with some new and younger blood.
We held our Spring Social in May and thanks are due to the fabulous Band: ‘Loose Ends’ who are fronted by our Honorary Secretary. All the Raffle Prizes were donated by members and the evening raised over £1,000. We also continue to give ‘Talks’ to various organisations about the fascinating history of our 116 year old Winkle Club. These seem to be well received and usually attract a donation for our charitable funds.
There was also some very sad news in June when we learned of the passing of Lady Fleur Boyce, the wife of our Patron, Admiral of the Fleet, the Lord Boyce. Fleur had always provided great support to the Lord Warden and was a good friend to the Hastings Winkle Club. We were represented at her funeral and she will be sorely missed.
After an immense amount of planning, we coordinated Hastings first Jazz Festival on June 4th / 5th. Although Saturday evening wasn’t to everyone’s taste, Sunday afternoon was superb. The sun shone and the music dazzled the enthusiastic audience on the Stade Open Space. Jazzfest was a free event and only possible due to the hard work of our Fundraising Committee and our very generous sponsors. Thank you all. Many of the local Pubs supported the Festival with their own Bands which added to the success story. We do need more volunteers though if Jazzfest is to return next year.

We attended the Blessing of the Sea at the Lifeboat Station and are pleased to see that the wartime Lifeboat, the Cyril & Lillian Bishop is being brought back to Hastings by Deeday White and Friends.
As Summer struggles to emerge, The Winkle Club looks forward to visiting our friends at the ‘Churchill Hotel’ in Marble Arch, the Lord Warden’s Reception at Walmer Castle and then Planning for Pirate Day and Old Town Week.
We have a Putting Competition at the Adventure Golf Courses on August 3rd. from 6pm and our Winkle Tossing Competition on Winkle Island on Monday August 1st. from 2pm until 4pm. Please come and support us.
If you would like to book a ‘Talk’ or volunteer to help us at any forthcoming events please give Ian Porter a ring on 07974 081582 .
Let’s hope for a summer that is kind to us all for that will enable Clubs like ours to raise even more much needed resources for our Hastings Community.
Until Next Time!



The first ever Hastings Winkle Club ‘JazzFest’ provided a feast of music over the weekend on the Stade Open Space and hopefully raised a useful sum for Winkle Club LOCAL good causes. Winkle Club spokesperson and Vice Chairman, Richard Stevens said ‘Saturday evening wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the ‘avante – garde’ duo were the Council’s choice and there was no question that they had a certain following. I think it is fair to say that Sunday afternoon was complete with sublime music and brilliant sunshine which is always a bonus. The Winkle Club took a huge risk by agreeing to fund all the upfront costs of ‘JazzFest 1’ and thankfully it would seem that this has paid off. Our thanks go particularly to Mike Raxworthy who managed to secure some top Jazz ensembles who absolutely wowed the crowd on Sunday afternoon and early evening.’ Pauline Lindsay, who chairs the Winkle Club’s Fundraising Committee said ‘ It was hard work but I think it was all worth it.’ ‘We were blessed with Sunday sunshine and some absolutely great music. I feel like lying down in a dark room but Jazzfest 1 was a huge first for the Winkle Club.’ Garry Fellows, event organiser said ‘We could have done with more support and help but all in all things went well. As to whether we do all this again, we will just have to see.’ Chairman of the Winkle Club, Richard Read said ‘ There was a huge amount of work went in to this and people got a fantastic weekend for free. I hope we can do it all again but we do need far more volunteers and helpers.’ Richard Stevens said ‘ This JazzFest Weekend could not have taken place without our generous sponsors and only a few people realise how much effort and hard work goes in to producing a brilliant event such as this.’


19th December 201
The Hastings Winkle Club is coordinating a special Christmas Event under the title of ‘Christmas Time To Remember.’ The idea is to commemorate and recall those who served in the Lifeboat Service (RNLI) locally or loved-ones who were Fishermen, Coastguards or Winkle Club members. The event will take place on Saturday December 19th at 6.30 pm and will begin with a lantern lit procession from the Priscilla MacBean site in Old London Road down All Saints Street to Winkle Island.

The procession will be lead by a lone piper and representatives of the organisations concerned will follow on. There will be an Act of Remembrance, Carol Singing and hot soup will be available on Winkle Island.
Vice Chairman of Hastings Winkle Club, Richard Stevens said ‘In order to collate the details of those to be remembered, we will be placing a number of boxes at strategic locations in the Old Town. Cards will be available to complete with the names of those who served and a space will be provided for an individual message to recall the loved-one and/or family member to be recalled in this way. Eventually all the cards will be tied on to Trees of Messages which will be placed on Winkle Island.’ he said.

If anyone cannot access a ‘Remembrance Message Box,’ details can be left  on the Winkle Club’s web or Facebook site or by emailing: [email protected] or by phoning: 07974 081582. A card will then be completed by one of the Winkle Club Team. The ‘Message Boxes’ will be in place by the end of the month in the Lifeboat Station Shop, The Fishermen’s Museum (Rock-a Nore Road), the Fishermen’s Protection Society and at John the Cobblers in the High Street. Pauline Lindsay, Chair of the Fundraising and Promotions sub Committee said ‘Christmas is a special time for us all and we want to give family members the opportunity to remember Seafarers, Lifeboat men, Coastguards and Winklers who are no longer with us. At the same time our community will be given the chance to express its gratitude to them all.’


  AUTUMN SOCIAL - 3rd October 2015
The Hastings Winkle Club will be holding its Autumn Social this Saturday (October 3rd.). Entertainment will be by way of Live Band, ‘Loose Ends’ who play music of all styles and tastes. There will be refreshments and a Grand Draw with some superb prizes.

The event takes place in The Fishermen’s Institute, All Saints Street and the Club opens from 7pm. in the evening. All are welcome and admission is absolutely free.

All monies raised during the evening from the Raffle etc., will go to Winkle Club local good causes.
Come and have a really enjoyable evening and help us raise money at the same time.


George Greaves
The Hastings Winkle Club said a big thank you to George Greaves on Saturday (24th) for 25 years of devoted service to the Club.
George, who lives in Pleasant Row, alongside Winkle Island, has been the Club’s dedicated ‘Flag-master’ with the great responsibility of flying the correct flags at the correct times on the Winkle Island flagstaff in the Old Town. Neighbour, friend and fellow Winkler, Polo Piatti,  said 'George always took his job extremely conscientiously and with his Naval background,was just the right man to ensure the flags were flying as they should be. His will be hard shoes to fill.’
At the reception in the Fishermen’s Club, All Saints Street, George was presented with a Silver Winkle lapel pin and his wife, Annie, was given a bouquet of flowers.
George said 'This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me but now I am in my nineties, I thought it time to retire. I have enjoyed my duties very much and will be keeping an eye on my successor.’
Presentation to Mr Greaves being made by the Chairman &
Vice Chairman of the Winkle Club on 24th October 2015


6th September 2015
(from 10.30 am at the Fishermen’s Museum)
The Hastings Winkle Club will be marking the 60th Anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill becoming a member with an event on Sunday September 6th, at The Fishermen’s Museum, Rock-a-Nore Rd., Old Town, Hastings.

One Important Day For Your Diary!

Sun. 20th September 2015

on Winkle Island

Hastings Old Town

(more details to follow!)



On Sunday 6th September, The Hastings Winkle Club held a special commemorative event to mark 60 years since Sir Winston Churchill was made a member of the famous Club.

The morning’s programme began in the Fishermen’s Museum, Rock-a - Nore Road, where a packed crowd were able to view Pathe and Movietone film coverage from September 1955 showing Sir Winston coming to Winkle Island with Field Marshall Montgomery. Having been presented with his gold winkle, Sir Winston said that joining the Winkle Club was one of the things he really wanted to do.

Glyn Gifford Boyd, a club member, spoke about what it was like on that day 60 years ago when 5,000 people watched Winston receiving his Winkle from the then Club Secretary.

A composition by local composer, Polo Piatti was played and two songs recorded by Phil White (The Winkle Club Song and the Biddy the Tubman song) were also listened to.

At 11.30 am under the direction of Hastings Town Crier, Jonathan Bartholomew, the crowd moved on to Winkle Island where a bronze plaque was unveiled by The Mayor, Bruce Dowling and Club President, Sir Kenneth Warren. Former M.P. Michael Foster was also present and read The Kohima Epitaph.

Winkle Club Vice Chairman, Richard Stevens, said ‘I was very pleased that the Winkle Club were able to pay fitting tribute to Sir Winston, not just for his unique brand of statesmanship which secured our freedom at the end of the war but also in recognition of his particular fondness for the Hastings Winkle Club. Unveiling of the commemorative plaque by The Mayor and Sir Kenneth Warren

Some of the crowd attending the ceremony on Winkle Island

5th August 20

The Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports is Winkled Up!
At a reception given by the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, Admiral of the Fleet The Lord Boyce, Hastings Winkle Club members took the opportunity to ‘winkle him up.’ In accordance with Winkle Club rules, any member who is found without his winkle when challenged should be fined on the spot. Lord Boyce who is Patron of the Winkle Club, had his gold winkle with him but still agreed to pay the £1 fine. Pictured on the battlements of Walmer Castle are (left to right ) Phil Furner, Vice President, The Lord Warden, Lord Boyce, Richard Stevens, Vice Chairman and Eric Withers a Winkle Club Committee member. Richard Stevens said ‘The Lord Warden took the ancient ceremony in good heart and agreed immediately to pay the fine. He knows we are very proud of the 115 year old Hastings Winkle Club which raises money for LOCAL good causes.’
Last Tuesday, Scouts from the 18th Hastings troop gave the magnificent 6 feet tall Winkle Club Sculpture on Winkle Island a thorough clean and polish. They were presented with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for their efforts. The Scout Group carry out this work at least twice a year as a thank you to the famous Winkle Club who donate a small amount of money to the 18th Hastings for their various activities. The Sculpture, made of stainless Steel, stands in the centre of Winkle Island, Old Town and also acts as a collecting feature. It was created by local sculptor, Leigh Dyer, and is much admired by all. It features a giant winkle, frequently caught fish off Hastings and fishing gear from past and present.
Winkle Club Press Officer, John Scollay said “Inevitably with all the seagulls in the area, the sculpture becomes tarnished after a while. We are very grateful to the 18th Hastings Scouts for making sure it will look at its best for the summer months.”


 The Hastings Winkle Club in Association with the

High Street Traders Presents



at 'Venue U' in George Street, Hastings Old Town

on Saturday 19th December

 4 to 8 year olds 

  • Non-Stop Entertainment, Fish & Chips and Father Christmas and a “Goody Bag” to take home.
  • The party is FREE, but you MUST book your place by Thursday 17th December and get a ticket from Cobblers of the Old Town, 64d High Street.
  • No ticket, no entry. Tickets available from 1st December
  • Join the procession at Winkle Island and leave your children for a couple of hours - but don’t forget to pick them up again afterwards!!


The Spring Social was a great success with everyone enjoying the music provided by “LOOSE ENDS” who made no charge for their great entertainment. A BIG WINKLE THANK YOU to these talented and generous musicians. Our Grand Raffle raised over £1,300, the highest total ever! A Fantastic result. All the prizes were donated and so this money will all go towards helping Winkle Club LOCAL good causes.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped and/or attended. A great result all round!
Richard Stevens, Vice-Chairman, Hastings WInkle Club



The Hastings Winkle Club's Committee 2015

 being presented by Winkle Club Vice President, Phil Furner
Committee Member Bill Wicking being presented the Silver Winkle by
Winkle Club Vice President Phil Furner at the AGM 
After many years of working hard for the Winkle Club and in recognition of his ability to raise funds for local good causes, the Club presented Mr Wicking with the Silver Winkle, one of its highest awards. Thank you Bill! 



Presentation of cheques to 'Pett Level Rescue' & 'Sea Cadets'

Special World-Premiere

A special performance by composer and committee member Polo Piatti is taking place on January 31st 2015 at 7.30pm. Polo will be premiering the piano and orchestra version of his work 'Broad, Sunlit Uplands' with Hastings local orchestra, the Hastings Sinfonia. This composition was dedicated to the London branch of the Winkle Club after being conceived with Winston Churchill in mind, who was a member of our distinguished Club. This special performance will take place at St John The Evangelist, Brittany Road, St Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex TN38 0RD. Don't miss it!





The Hastings Winkle Club held its annual supper on Monday January 5th at the East Hastings Sea Angling Association. More than 100 members attended including the Mayor of Hastings and former Members of Parliament for Hastings, Michael Foster and Sir Kenneth Warren. Comedian, Adger Brown, provided the entertainment and Michael Foster was the after-supper speaker. A Raffle and Auction raised over £1,500 all of which will be donated to local good causes.Trophies were presented by the Mayor for Best Collection by a Pub ('The Dolphin'), Best Collection by a Club ('The Fishermen’s') and Best Individual Effort (Christian Burton).


The Club's President, Sir Kenneth Warren, addressing the members



Christian Burton being presented with the Trophy for Best Individual Effort. Christian had installed the new seating and memorial plaques on Winkle Island in the Old Town.


 The Club's Vice-Chairman, Mr. Richard Stevens, introducing the speakers


 Comedian Adger Brown



Thanks are due to all who helped with setting everything up and clearing away afterwards, those who with Maureen Read worked so hard in the kitchen, to Adger Brown and to the East Hastings for providing the venue.






Winkle Club Carol Singing Christmas Day
This is the "Winkle Club Choir” who sang Carols on Christmas morning for the residents of Old Hastings House, continuing with a tradition going back over 30 years!


A U T U M N   S O C I A L

Induction of new members at the Social


 The Amazing 'Loose Ends' giving of their time and talents entirely free at our highly successful Autumn Social



Chairman Richard Read & Wife, Maureen at the Social

F A N T A S Y   I S L A N D   2 0 1 4 

Once again, Winkle Island was transformed into FANTASY ISLAND during the last September weekend. Fantasy Island in one of the Winkle Club's main fundraising events with local music bands and performers playing live and free of charge for the benefit of the Club and local good causes.

Preparations underway, transforming Winkle Island into "Fantasy Island


Rock band '62 Stone’ once again wooed the audience and played at no cost to the Winkle Club. ‘A BIG Thank you guys’!


Children entertainer Richard Alan receives his Thank You Certificate from Vice-Chairman Richard Stevens. Four years of voluntary service on behalf of the Winkle Club 


Bill Wicking ‘Collector extraordinaire’ 


 Local band ‘Ricochett’ playing their set. Fourth year of giving their time and talent!



'Winklers wife' Shirley Hawley "adding colour to the day’'





On August 10th, Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports visited Hastings Old Town. The purpose of the visit was primarily to unveil a plaque on Winkle Island signifying the island's complete refurbishment.

On arrival, Lord Boyce paid a courtesy visit to the Lifeboat Station and the History Hous.

A grand procession marched from the Fishermans Institute to Winkle Island led by a Scottish piper - all led by the Town Crier, Jonathan Bartholomew.

On the island itself speeches were given and Reverend Father Ronald Partridge read the names of those commemorated by way of plaques on the new seating.

Lord Boyce declared the refurbishments as complete and unveiled a bronze plaque to this effect. The Mayor and Deputy Lord Lieutenant were also in attendance.

Afterwards following the formal proceedings a fish and chip supper at 'Maggies' was enjoyed by all and a silver winkle was presented to Christian Burton who installed the plaques and the new seating at no extra cost to the club.

R E C E N T   E V E N T  S   S C H E D U L E
W I N K L E   T O S S I N G   B A C K   I N   W I N K L E    I S L A N D

The winkle club revived the ancient sport of winkle tossing at their great winkle challenge on the last sunday afternoon of old town week. The game which was first played more than 80 years ago involves competitors tossing winkles into various sized containers which ranged from a milk churn to a watering can.

There were prizes for both adult and juniors, with artwork very kindly given to us by Royston Du-Maurier Lebek and from Flibbertiggibett in the old town.

Don Hawley took the Adult Prize away with a score of 20 points. The Juniors Prize was won by a young chap called Mason with a score of 22, proving that the juniors are once again better than us, old timers.

The deputy mayor was there to support us along with our local old town policeman Mark Charlton. We hope to see you all there next year for more winkle tossing.

Many thanks to Sven Alexander, Richard Stevens and everyone else for helping out.

P I R A T E   D A Y   2 0 1 4

Hastings Pirate Day has been going on for a few years now. This year the Club decided to hold a event on Winkle Island for it.

In the spirit of Pirate Day we decided to hold a sci-fi show which - yes we know has nothing to do with pirates - but its good to be different! Committee member Tom Mellon has a vast array of props, ranging from daleks to aliens, to a huge dinosaur. The local police kindly let us have the Dr Who tardis for the day as well. Thousands of people enjoyed the display and we raised around £1200on the day. All in all a successful day. Thank you for everyone who helped out on the day and everyone who donated.

P U T T I N G   T O U R N A M E N T   2 0 1 4
The Winkle Club’s Annual Putting event was particularly well supported this year. Held at the Adventure Golf seafront course, members said a big thank you to managers Dave and Marion Hartley who will be retiring soon. John Scollay, tournament  organiser, said “Dave and Marion have been so generous and supportive over the years and we wish them a very happy retirement. We hope the incoming management will continue to support this great charitable fun occasion.” The Mayor and Deputy Mayor also took part and assisted with the prize- giving. Over £400 was raised for the Winkle Club’s local good causes.


Our President and Vice Chairman join the Hotel’s Managing Director, Michael Gray
and their Marketing Director, Richard Turner in a toast to our mutual friendship. The waiter stands poised to replenish any empty “Winkle Up!” cocktail glasses!
International composer Polo Piatti premiering his specially dedicated
new piano work to the Hyatt Regency 'The Churchill'
It takes 3 hands to hold a giant Winkle?!
A Grand “Winkle Up!” except the Chairman (centre, left) it would seem?



The Hastings Winkle Club which is based in the Old Town has given £500 to the “Phoenix Fund” which has been set up to bring some comfort to the victims of the recent fire in Marine Parade.

The Old Town Charity which has a 114 year old history exists to help LOCAL good causes and has its H.Q. at the Fishermen’s Institute in All Saints Street.

Winkle Club Chairman,Richard Read said “ Usually we give money away to a variety of groups and organisations at around the time of our A.G.M. in April of each year. However,we always keep a reserve “pot” for urgent local needs. The fire victims needed help immediately and so we were able to respond,” he said. “ Our committee voted unanimously to donate £500 to the Phoenix Fund.”

 Pictured are Richard Read, Chairman, Richard Stevens, Vice Chairman and Ian Porter, Treasurer of the Winkle Club as they hand over the £500 cheque to Harris Woodcock representing the Phoenix Fund.


Members of the 18th Hastings scout group set about cleaning the winkle sculpture and the commemorative plaques on winkle island this week. The whole area has been subject to a appeal with the aim of completely refurbishing the old town island with new pavement, information boards and replacement seating.

 Vice chairman of the winkle club Richard Stevens, said " We are very grateful to the scouts for their grand clean-ip operation since winkle island needs to look at is best for the grand opening which is planned to recognise its renewal." The club this will take place in august of this year.



The Hastings Winkle Club held its Annual Supper at the East Hastings Sea Angling Centre on Monday (6th). More than 100 members attended and over £1,000 was raised by way of a Raffle and an Auction. Stand-up comedian, Adger Brown provided the entertainment and the after-supper speaker (pictured) was Michael Gray. Michael Gray is the Managing Director of the Hyatt Regency London-The Churchill Hotel with which the Winkle Club has formed a “twinning link.” Also present at the Supper were former Hastings M.P’s Michael Foster and Sir Kenneth Warren, the Club President. All monies raised at the event will go to local good causes.
A big thank you also to the lovely ladies that helped a the supper,
making this event a big success!
CAROLS SINGING: The Winkle Club maintained a 30 year plus tradition by singing Carols to the Residents of Old Hastings House on Christmas Day. The Choir sang to two groups of residents assembled in their respective lounges. Winkle Club Vice Chairman, Richard Stevens said "The Residents always seem to appreciate our warbling and for many of us Christmas would not quite be the same without this lovely tradition. They join in with the singing and give us a great reception".
More than fifty children enjoyed the Annual Christmas Party organised by the High Street Traders with support from the Winkle Club. The event began with a grand procession from Winkle Island to the venue at St.Mary Star of the Sea church. The Children were treated to non-stop entertainment, a fish and chip tea and of course Santa made a special visit and gave each child a 'goody-bag'. A special time was had by all.
Vice President Philip Furner and Treasurer Ian Porter went to Chartwell on November 11th. Mr Porter gave an excellent talk to members of the National Trust on the Winkle Club. Well done and a big Winkle up!
From left: Ian Porter and Phil Furner with Wayne Thornton
Ian Porter with Dorothy

Saturday & Sunday
14TH & 15TH SEPTEMBER 2013

Live Music & Special Acts on Winkle Island!
Another year. Another success!
On September 1st we got together with our Maidstone Members for a great day at Phil Furner’s house. Thanks to Phil and Bev and all those who helped to make this such a success. Our President, Sir Kenneth Warren, attended and a good time was had by all!


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 (With sincere thanks to David & Marion Hartley for their continuous support with this annual event)


Our Chairman, Vice-Chairman and committee members with the Lord Warden during their visit to Walmer Castle in July 2013


 Visit to the Hyatt-Regency THE CHURCHILL Hotel, Portman Square, London
Having recently set up a friendship-link with the "Churchill Hotel" in Central London, the Club was very pleased to receive an invitation to a Luncheon there and the opportunity to tour the Hotel. Our party included our Patron, Admiral the Lord Boyce, Sir Kenneth Warren, our President and Phil Furner, Vice President. A total of 25 sat down for lunch in the Library having enjoyed a couple of "Winkle Up!" cocktails in the hotel's Churchill Bar. The hotel Manager, Michael Gray, presented the club with yet another cheque (they donate £1 for every Winkle-Up cocktail sold) and a very enjoyable time was had by all. We look forward to welcoming Michael and his team back to Hastings in the near future. As it was HM The Queen's Birthday on the day of the visit, we all had our photograph taken beneath the portrait which hangs in the hotel lobby.
Lord Lieutenant visits the Winkle Club!
The Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Peter Field, recently visited the Club's H.Q. for an informal chat with some of our Committee Members. The Lord Lieutenant is the Queen's representative in the County and Peter explained the history of the lieutenancy and gave us an idea of his duties in the role. Peter has been a Winkle Club member for ten years and he was able to give some very useful advice to those assembled.
We have invited him to attend the Annual Supper which will be held in January 2014.  
AGM 2013
 Sunday 7th April 2013 - 11am - Fishermen's Club - All Saints Street


 The 18th Hastings Scouts cleaning the Club's
memorial plaques and sculpture



The Winkle Club's Vice-President Phil Furner enjoys a drink at the Hyatt Regency Hotel - The Churchill, with a very distinguished Winkle Club Member. Phil says “I winkled him up several times but he didn’t move a “mussel!” 

Our Club Charity has established a "Twinning Link" with the Hyatt Regency Churchill Hotel in Portman Square, Central London. We have always been proud of our ability to attract well respected and renowned figures from the world of politics down the ages along with Royalty and celebrities from stage and screen. The distinguished Statesman, Sir Winston Churchill, became a member of the Winkle Club in a ceremony attended by crowds on Winkle Island, in Hastings old town in 1955. Also present was Field Marshall Montgomery.

The Churchill Hotel, located in London's W1 is well known for its display of Churchill regalia in its Churchill Bar and became aware of Sir Winston’s pride at being a "Winkler" during research work. They contacted the HQ of the Club in Hastings. The result was an offer to provide a London headquarter for the Winkle Club and even to serve a unique Winkle Up Cocktail!

On Tuesday 29th January, the General Manager of the Hyatt Regency-The Churchill Hotel, Mr. Michael Gray, visited the Old Town, together with members of his management team to cement a “twinning” agreement with the Hastings Winkle Club. They were transported from Hastings Station by a Classic F.X. Taxi and then visited the RNLI station, the Stade and the Fishermen’s Museum before enjoying Fish and Chips followed by a ceremony at the Fishermen’s Club (the Winkle Club's HQ) in All Saints Street. Gifts were exchanged and samples of the new cocktail were tasted and approved.

President of the Winkle Club, Sir Kenneth Warren formally welcomed the visitors and said that he hoped the friendship between the Churchill Hotel would prove to be beneficial to both the Club and to the hotel. In turn, Michael Gray, pledged to donate £1 for every cocktail sold, to the Winkle Club. The Hotel also agreed to place a Club collecting box in the Churchill Bar.

Winkle Club Vice Chairman, Richard Stevens, said: "This was a very successful visit and we are confident that the relationship established with the Hyatt-Churchill hotel will prove beneficial to both parties."

Representatives of The Churchill management team and Winkle Club Committee Members

The Winkle Club would like to express a BIG THANK YOU
to everyone that helped at the recent
A N N U A L   S U P P E R   2 0 1 3
at the East Hastings Angling Club, including:
Jon Bartholomew for leading the proceedings
Andy Saunders for his wonderful talk on Spitfires
The Iceni Belly Dancers for their great performance
JCF Jewelers for their generous contribution  
The East Hastings Angling Club for the venue and continued support 
Andy from 'No. 9 Catering' for allowing us to use his kitchen,
Maureen Read and all the lady-helpers for such a fantastic meal, etc.,
Jackie Stevens for doing such a marvelous job selling raffle tickets
all Committee Members that were able to help
and everyone else for making this event another successful one!

The Winkle Club’s choir sang Carols to residents of Old Hastings House and their visitors, on Christmas Morning. “This tradition goes back 50 years plus and seems to bring a lot of pleasure both to the residents of Old Hastings House and indeed to the Choir members. We may not be “The Military Wives” but we do our best”, said Winkle Club Vice Chairman, Richard Stevens.



Sussex Police presents a donation to the Winkle Club's Chairman, Richard Read and Vice-Chairman, Richard Stevens.

 PCSO Lisa Lavender from Sussex Police, accepts the Clubs Thank You Certificate, in recognition for her support to the Winkle Club and its local good causes.




We all enjoyed another unforgettable weekend with live music, raffle, cakes on Winkle Island where hundreds of pounds were collected for the Club and its local good causes. Thank you very much to everyone that helped to make this another successful event. Winkle Up!
Famous Hastings Resident becomes a Member (in white costume)!


Pirate Day, July 22nd, saw the Winkle Club really swinging in to action with a whole day of “Fun and Dance” on Winkle Island.The day got off to a great start when Kevin Chapman presented the Club with a cheque for a whopping £900! Kevin had been asked by his employer (Bellingham and Stanley) to nominate a favourite charity and he chose The Winkle Club!

Kevin was duly inducted into membership and he told other Winklers who welcomed him that he had nominated our Club because of its history and its policy of supporting good causes. Kevin is pictured in full Pirate dress (see below) and his generous donation is very much appreciated by our Club which goes from strength to strength!

Winkle Up!
Richard Stevens
(Vice-Chairman, Hastings Winkle Club)


On Sunday July 29th the High Sheriff of East Sussex was inducted into membership of the Winkle Club. David Allam D.L. accompanied by his wife Karen, was particularly pleased to be made a member because he was born in All Saints Street and his Old Town connections go back several generations.

After being made a member, the High Sheriff, who is the Queen's top legal representative in the County, joined in the opening ceremony for Old Town Carnival Week and the procession which followed around the Old Town. His visit concluded with a tour of the Fishermen's Museum. The High Sheriff is very keen to help and support us at future events! The Winkle Club is proud to welcome the High Sheriff of East Sussex into membership.

Winkle Up!

Richard Stevens, Vice-Chairman


O L Y M P I C   T O R C H   P A S S E S   W I N K L E   I S L A N D
On the morning of Wednesday July 18th the Olympic Torch passed Winkle Island to make its way to Rye. We formed a line-up on the Island to wave it on its way! A truly memorable event!
[The precise moment when the Olympic Torch passes Winkle Island]



The Winkle Club showed their support for the armed forces and veterans by taking a stall at the veterans fair in Alexandra Park Hastings. Much interest was shown in the Winkle Club and the new Winkle sculpture. The 'Guess The Weight' of the sculpture competition continues up to and including 'Pirate Day’ on July 22nd. Come and support us on Winkle Island on July 22nd! Winkle Up! Richard 'S'

Mayor Alan Cllr. Alan Roberts, with Richard Stevens (right)


 The Winkle Stall


Richard & Jackie



The picture shows the opening of the Pett-Level rescue boats new boathouse, where Vice-President Phil Furner (here on the left, with Committee member Kevin Killick on the right) took the opportunity of making Lou Parsons (Beach Master) a  member of the Club. Winkle Up, gentlemen!


THE 2012 AGM and
The photographs below show the original opening in 1958 and the re-opening yesterday, 20.4.2012.

Our sincere thanks to Hastings Rotary Club, Westridge Construction and Fuller Engineering. As in the past, all proceeds from the well's collection are divided equally between the Rotary Club and the Winkle Club.  
The Club's new Winkle Sculpture has been unveiled! 
You can order photos of the unveiling ceremony by clicking here
The Old Winkle (click here to see the photos of its removal & here to see the videos)
(The new sculpture will be unveiled on Winkle Island on April 1st, 2012)

Click on the links below to read about our recent Big New Winkle Appeal!

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Some pictures from the official unveiling by our Patron The Lord Boyce
The brand new and beautiful Blue Plaque on Winkle Island
The Committee's line-up
The official speech by Councillor Richard Stevens, the Club's Vice-Chairman
The official unveiling
Lord Boyce, reading the Blue Plaque's inscription
The Club's Committee with invitees and dignitaries at the end of the ceremony
A final 'Winkle Up'!


Winkle Club Member
has been chosen to be a crew member for The Boat Project's
maiden voyage among hundreds of nominees!

The crew will work under various skippers as the boat embarks on its maiden voyage, stopping at locations across the south coast where a festival of events will mark its arrival. The maiden voyage route will be announced soon here.

Congratulations, Steve!

R E C E N T    N E W S

Committee Members preparing for the 'Big Winkle Appeal Launch'
Appeal Launch photo - including the future winkle's creator,
local sculptor Leigh Dyer (second from left)
*  *  *  *
Members of the Committee met on Sunday 19th December to
distribute dozens of Christmas Parcels all over Hastings town
Examining the recipients list
Choosing the distribution route

Getting the parcels to the cars for distribution

*  *  *  *

Every year on Christmas Day morning, we sing carols for the residents of Old Hastings House. A winkle traditions that goes back over more than 30 years! 


Winkle Carol Singers - Christmas 2010

*  *  *  *

Fantastic News!

Winkle Club member Kevin Prince

has recently run a Half-Marathon in just under 2 hours,

managing to raise in excess of £400 for the Club!

Thank you very much, Kevin!

T H E   A N N U A L   S O C I A L


This year’s social had live entertainment and a great buffet, provided by Maureen Read. It was great fun and we were able to raise some money for our Club! Than you to everyone that helped organise this wonderful event!

We are very proud to announce that our event
has managed to raise a total of £1244.54 for the Club!
Many thanks to all of you who helped to make this event
such a great success. Well done everyone!
O T H E R   R E C E N T   E V E N T S
Mr. Rob Allerston, Managing Director of the White Rock Theatre (centre) being made a
Winkler by Club Members - June 2010

The Club's 2010 Supper

Speeches by Michael Foster MP and Jonathan Mendenhall


The Club's Vice President Phil Furner & Chairman Richard Read


Laura Deeprose of Emerald Entertainment & comedian Adger Brown entertaining the audience

Adger Brown with Vice-Chairman Richard Stevens and the solid silver winkle collection jug

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